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Application Cases

  • Materials for Tile and Stone
    1. Glass Mosaic TileGlass mosaic has many advantages over other materials. Glass mosaic tile is liquid and vapor proof, easy to clean, high and low temperature resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant. It is easy to install with standard tools.
    1. Stone Mosaic TileNatural stone mosaic tile is used for walls or floors in bathrooms and kitchens, offering countless patterns. It has low water absorption and the color will not fade. There are three types of stone mosaic tile surface finishes: polishing, rubbing and natural.
    1. Ceramic Mosaic TileCeramic mosaic is used in various places. The glazed surface is alkali and acid resistant. Ceramic mosaic tile has very low water absorption and is easy to clean. It can be used inside or outside and in swimming pools and bathrooms.
    1. Quartz StoneEngineered quartz stone is manufactured from a combination of fine quartz and granite, along with color pigments and polymers. Quartz stone is highly durable, has strong resistance to wear and stains, and does not require sealing.
  • Room
    1. Swimming PoolGlobal Bridge mosaic tile products can be used in swimming pools.
    1. Home DecorationOur mosaic tile products are used in houses for home decoration.
    1. Commercial SpaceGlobal Bridge mosaic tile products are extensively used in shops, malls and clubs.
Other Products
    1. PhoenixThis product features elegant and unique patterns and it is difficult to find the totally same chips. Moreover, it is also waterproof...
    1. Blue CollectionThe vivid colored glass mosaic tile in a blue color is available at Global Bridge.
      Minimum order quantity: 20M2 for each item.
    1. Creamy CollectionVivid colored glass mosaic collection from creamy glass mosaic tile is available at Global Bridge.
      Minimum order ...
    1. Hand-cut MuralCreated by our experienced team of designers and mosaic artists, and selected from hundreds of mosaic colors ...